Scope Systems Promises

Scope Systems is founded on three promises. It is how we deliver your solutions; it is how we focus on being THE mining ERP specialists.

Our service promise

We are committed to providing you with the highest levels of service and that our well trained, friendly and focused staff will listen to your needs and work to resolve them. We will provide the same standard of service for every customer irrespective of size or tenure with Scope Systems. We aim to be fair and reasonable in terms of what we charge in order to provide value and a return on investment to our clients.

The key to our service is communication. If we can't do something we will tell you. As part of our consulting procedures, we will respond to your request for support within 4 hours for standard Support Calls and within 1 hour for high priority calls. Furthermore, we continuously have at least three qualified support consultants in the office at all times during office hours.


Our sales promise

We conduct a thorough needs analysis before recommending any solution to you. Once we have a complete understanding of your needs, and feel that our solution will address those needs, only then, will we recommend a solution to you - but we will not oversell our products or services and we will not sell a product or module which we cannot support. After 12 months, we will upgrade your software as updates become available for free if you pay maintenance, ensuring you always have access to the latest functionality.


Our programming promise

We will tailor our solution for you if we feel your business process objectives can be economically met and will provide you with the flexibility and cost-effectiveness you are looking for. We will not modify or enhance software code developed by others and we will not release new versions of PRONTO-Xi or other third party products until we have completed our internal due diligence.


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To discuss these promises with us further, please contact your nearest Scope Systems office.