Standalone ERP and BI Software Solutions for the Mining Industry

Take complete control over your ERP and BI software

For mid-sized and large companies with their own IT budgets and resources, Scope Systems offers industry-specific standalone Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and standalone Business Intelligence (BI) software. As all of the hardware and software is maintained inhouse, this option is ideal for companies with their own internal IT departments who have the skills and capabilities to manage these systems independently.

The Benefits

  • Ideal for companies with limited communications infrastructure
  • Very few Operating Expenses (OpEx)
  • Inhouse IT systems can reduce the risk of running your operations over the internet
  • Scope Systems can supply you with the necessary hardware
  • Complete control over your system including accessibility and when back ups occur
  • Interface with 3rd party applications more easily
  • No limitations on what functionality you can access or how you can use the software

Learn More

To find out more about Scope Systems standalone ERP software and standalone BI software solutions, contact your nearest Scope Sysetms office.